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Can I set a timer for each question?

The timer is related to the whole form and cannot be enabled per sections or separate questions.

Does Bolo Forms work on mobile devices?

Bolo Forms & tests taken using it are working on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones in any modern popular browser. The Bolo Forms Dashboard is also available in all devices which cupport Google Sheets.

I do not see 'Configure' button in the Add-on

This happens sometimes from Google's side due to internet/server issues. Please try to refresh your Google Form page a few times.

Does Bolo Forms work with Google Authentication

When your Google Form is configured to require your respondents to authenticate via Google, this will work perfectly with Bolo Forms. This is why we attempt to turn these settings off when you enable the Bolo Forms Add-on for your Google Forms.

You can import unlimited amount of forms and use most of the features for free. However, there are some limitations and some features are paid. For more information, check out the pricing page.

I receive a permission error when I try to setup the Add-on

This is a known issue with Google permissions and it happens when you are logged in with more than one Google account. Try to sign out of all account except your main account. Alternatively, try Guest/Incognito mode.

Can my respondents upload files to my Google Form?

Yes, your respondents can upload images, vide & other file types while using Bolo Forms

Can I set the form without a time limit and still get to know how much time the respondent took to fill the form?

If you do not choose the 'Timer' option in BoloForms, it allows to submit the form any time and the time will be still logged in your google sheet connected to the form.

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