👩‍🏫Best Practices for Teachers

Here are some Best Practices you can employ to ensure smooth test conducting experience for your Students

When utilizing the Proctoring feature, it is crucial to have your students complete a demo test beforehand. This demo test serves multiple purposes, including familiarizing students with the usage of BoloForms Timer+Proctor and verifying if their computer or phone meets the necessary requirements for test-taking. Prior to sharing the actual test link with your students, ensure to provide them with this link for the demo test:


If you want to know how to use Timer+Proctor, click here. This blogpost tells you about the best ways to conduct the test, once you have understood how to use Timer+Proctor. As you won't be physically present to supervise students during the test, it's essential to adequately prepare them in advance. Following these tips will help ensure a successful test-taking experience for everyone involved.

Test Time Settings

Consider potential challenges students may encounter, such as internet or device issues, when setting a timed test. To accommodate these issues, it is advisable to provide ample time between the start and end times. For instance, if you intend for the test to commence at 10:00 AM with a duration of 30 minutes, set the end time as 10:45 AM. By allowing sufficient time, you can ensure a more realistic and stress-free testing experience for all students involved.

The demo test link provided to students does not count towards your Quota balance. Therefore, if students take the demo test, your "Remaining Quota" will remain unchanged. It is advisable to share the demo test link with students at least 24 hours in advance. This allows them sufficient time to test the compatibility of their device and make alternate arrangements if needed.

On mobile phones, certain apps like Telegram and Facebook have their own in-app browsers. If you send the test link through these applications,Test will load within the in-app browser. In such cases, students will need to open the same link again in Chrome or Firefox. To avoid this issue, it is recommended to use Gmail or Google Classroom for sharing the link. Alternatively, inform students that copying the link and directly pasting it into Chrome or Firefox is a better approach.

During the test, make yourself available to students in case they encounter any issues. First-time test takers, in particular, may face challenges. It is beneficial if they can contact you for assistance and prompt resolution. Utilize communication platforms like Google Meet, WhatsApp, or other chat applications to provide the necessary support.


Easily access detailed reports for each student's test submission by selecting the respective test form from the dashboard. View the Answer Report and, if enabled, the Proctoring Summary. Share these reports with your students to provide feedback on their performance and suggest areas for improvement. Maximize the value of these reports to evaluate student progress and enhance their learning experience.

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