Instructions For Attempting Tests

Below are a few instructions that one need to follow during the test to ensure a smooth test-taking experience.

  1. Browser Permissions: Grant the necessary browser permissions for the microphone, camera, and screen otherwise the student won't be able to give the Test.

  2. Note Remaining Time: Keep track of the time left for the test, as the test will get auto-submitted once the time runs out.

  3. Communication of Test Duration: Be aware of the test duration and submission dates communicated in advance.

  4. Stable Internet Connection: Ensure a fast and reliable internet connection to avoid any loading issues and submit the test on time.

  5. Separate Calculation Paper: Use a separate sheet of paper for calculations to avoid browser switching, which may affect your trust score.

  6. Quiet Environment: Take the test in a quiet environment to prevent background noise from affecting your trust score.

  7. Non-Disruptive Test-Taking: Stay focused during the test, avoiding leaving the computer or having others in the video frame, which can impact your trust score.

Adding Instructions

BoloForms allows the inclusion of instructions that students can view before starting the test, ensuring a seamless testing experience.

Firstly, choose the form you want to add the proctor and click on "Edit Form" From the Dashboard or the Add-on.

1. Click on Settings

2. Enter the instructions in the Field box.

3. Click on Save

4. The instructions will be displayed when they open the Test Link.

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