Creating Tests

This Post Shows how you can Create Tests from Boloforms Dashboard.

Firstly head over to the Dashboard.

1. Now Click on Create

2. Enter Test Details

3. Enable the Required Settings and click Create Test

4. Now You can Customize your Tests by adding different types of questions including ShortText, LongText, CheckBox, RadioGroup, DropDown, File Upload, Date, and Time. To do so click on the plus sign and then use the drop-down menu.

5. BoloForms have many different options for questions they are as follows:

Certainly! Let's categorize the additional question types you mentioned, Comprehension, Categorize, Cloze, and Match, alongside the existing ones:

  1. Short Answer: Participants can provide concise text responses, making it ideal for brief, open-ended questions.

  2. Long Answer: This question type allows for more detailed, paragraph-length responses, suitable for gathering in-depth insights or explanations.

  3. Multiple Choice: Participants choose one option from a list, making it effective for single-answer questions or polls.

  4. Checkbox: Participants can select multiple options from a list, making it suitable for questions with multiple correct answers or to gather preferences.

  5. Dropdown: Similar to multiple-choice questions, but the options are presented in a dropdown menu, saving space on the form.

  6. Linear Scale: Participants rate an item on a scale, such as 1 to 5, helping gauge opinions or preferences quantitatively.

  7. Multiple Choice Grid: This question type allows respondents to select one option per row in a grid, useful for comparing preferences or behaviors.

  8. Checkbox Grid: Participants can choose multiple options per row in a grid, facilitating data collection for multiple criteria.

  9. Date: Collect date-based responses, perfect for scheduling or tracking events.

  10. Time: Participants input a specific time, helpful for event planning or scheduling.

  11. File Upload: Allow respondents to upload files or documents, suitable for collecting resumes, images, or other attachments.

  12. Comprehension: Participants answer questions based on a passage or text provided, assessing their understanding of the content.

  13. Categorize: Participants categorize items or information into predefined groups, helping to organize data or assess classification skills.

  14. Cloze: Also known as a "fill-in-the-blank" question, participants complete missing words or phrases in a sentence or text.

  15. Match: Participants pair items from two lists, matching related elements, which is useful for assessing associations or connections.

These diverse question types in BoloForms empower you to design surveys, quizzes, and assessments tailored to your specific information-gathering and evaluation needs.

6. You can Easily drag and sort your Questions by using this symbol.

7. Click on the pallet symbol to change the theme settings.

8. You can also Preview your Test by Clicking on the "Preview" sign.

9. You can Easily change the settings of your Test by Clicking on the "Settings" Tab.

10. You can also add collaborators to your test.

11. To send the test click on the send button.

12. You can either send it through mail, copy the link, or embed it as an HTML code.

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