Adding Proctor to Tests

This Post shows how to add Proctoring to your Tests

Firstly, choose the form you want to add the proctor and click on "Edit Form" From the Dashboard or the Add-on.

1. Click on Settings

2. Click on the Toggle to enable Proctor For your Tests

3. Now Choose the Proctor Setting for your Test and click Save once Done.

Here are the details for each Proctor Settings available

Tab Switching: This feature will take screenshot when the student switches tab

Camera: This feature will ensure the student face is visible during the test by taking screenshot when the face is not visible or multiple faces are visible.

Microphone: This feature will detect when background voice is Loud.

Photos at Random: Takes random photos throughout the test to ensure student doesn't cheat.

Copy Paste: Disable copy paste during the test

Enforce Full Screen: Coming Soon...

Record User's Session: Coming Soon...

Photo Before Test Start: Coming Soon...

Note: All the screenshots and recordings will be available under the Proctor Summary Report for Each Test Submission.

4. The student will be prompted beforehand about the proctoring enabled for the test

5. Then the student will be prompted to allow screen tracking, Camera access and Microphone access for the test.

Note: If the student doesn't allow any of the permission. They will not be allowed to give the test.

6. Now the Student will be actively Monitored till the test has been submitted

7. A Detailed Procotring Summary is available for each Test Submission from the Dashboard

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