How to Setup Timer+Proctor?

Open an existing Google Form Test or create a new one!

1. Click on the three dots to the top right which says 'More'

2. Click on Get Add-ons

3. Search for "BoloForms Timer+Proctor" and then Click on "BoloForms Timer + Proctor & Form Presenter" Add-on.

4. Click on Install

5. Click on CONTINUE

6. Choose a Google Account using which you are creating Google Forms

7. Click on Allow when prompted with required permissions. We are verified by Google about needing these permissions to give you the best experience!

8. Click on Add-on option and then select "BoloForms Timer + Proctor & Form Presenter"

10. Congratulations! Your Form is Ready. We have migrated your Google Forms to BoloForms for seamless experience. Now click on Edit Form.

11. Your Google form is synced to our BoloForms Dashboard. Easily customixe your form.

12. Go to settings, now enable and setup your required settings.

13. Share your Form with a click and let your Students take the test

14. Get a Detailed Answer Report For each Submission

15. You can Also get a Detailed Report on Proctoring Summary For each Form Submission

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